Studio for Architecture and Visualisation

September, 2017
Hard Rock Cafe Innsbruck Columbos Next, Steinlechner
hard rock cafe innsbruck
August, 2017
Pool by rococoon
March, 2017
Puni Italia
Product Rendering for Puni Italia
March, 2017
Office Space Praha
Office Space, Praha for Peter Reiter Architects, Innsbruck
October, 2016
nana architektur, wien
visualisation shop nana architektur, wien
November, 2016
Hybridgebäude Innsbruck
Won competition for a hybrid Building in Innsbruck. Columbosnext in colaboration with Michael Steinlechner and Astrid Tschapeller
January, 2017
personal project, fstorm
personal project for fstorm
December, 2016
Interior asa, for
Interior for Nana Architektur, Wien
November, 2016
Airport Innsbruck
Competition entry Airport Office Innsbruck | Client: Peter Reiter Architekten |
October, 2016
January, 2017
Visualisation for the Competition entry Bülach | Client: ATP_Sphere, Innsbruck
September, 2016
Haus der Musik
Visualisation for a Competition Entry | Client: Stoll & Wagner, Innsbruck
September, 2016
Visualisation for a student work | Client: Nicole Meyer
September, 2016
September, 2016
Chesa Gerni
Visualisation Chesa Gerni for LAAC Architekten, Innsbruck
September, 2016
Room 237
Renderings for Hotel Schwarzschmied, Lana - Italy
September, 2016
Climbing Centre
Visualisation for a Climbing Centre in Ötztal, Tyrol, Austria; Client: Peter Reiter Architekten
September, 2016
Personal Project
Innenbereich Haus S - Inspiriert von Satoshi Ikuma
September, 2016
Visualisation for Mario Ramoni Architekten, Innsbruck
September, 2016
Science Center Wals
Science Center Wals ATP, Innsbruck
October, 2016
Airport Lounge
Competition entry Airport Lounge Innsbruck | Client: Peter Reiter Architekten |
April, 2016
Visualisation for the Diploma Thesis Florian Fender
December, 2015
Zuegg Factory
Pool Personal Project
December, 2015
Gemeindeamt Vomp
Wettbewerbsbeitrag für das Siegerprojekt "Gemeindeamt Vomp" für ATP Sphere, Innsbruck
December, 2015
Competition Entry for Reiulf Ramstad Architects for the WienMuseum
December, 2015
Interior for Freiraum-Architektur, Innsbruck
October, 2015
Visualisation for the Diploma Thesis Christian Flatscher
October, 2015
Bathroom Study with Agape models
October, 2016
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